Atherstone Grading March 2018

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Well done to everyone who passed their recent grading in Atherstone.

March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-1 March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-2 March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-3 March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-4 March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-5 March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-7 March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-8 March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-9March-2018-Grading-Atherstone-6

Midlands Championships 2018

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Well done to everyone who entered the Midlands championships and congratulations to Brieze, Karen and Laura on your trophies.


Students of Year 2017

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Congratulations to Aaran Thornton and Maya Rana on winning Student of the Year awards for 2017 – well deserved.


Grading at Tamworth December 2017

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Well done to everyone who graded and passed at recent grading in Tamworth. Also Master Kells and Master McGrath being awarded their 6th Dan certificates by World Master Donnelly.

December-Grading-picture-1 December-Grading-picture-2 December-Grading-picture-3 December-Grading-picture-4


British Championships 2017

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Well done to everyone who entered the British Championships in Birmingham, and especially to Yvonne, Zoe and Saadh on getting 3rd place medals. Also congratulations to Master Oliver Kells on obtaining his 6th Dan.

Joy-British-Champs Club-British-Champs Aaran-British-Champs Brieze-British-Champs Yvonne-British-Champs 6th-Dan-Presentation

October 2017 Black Belt grading

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Well done to Alex Greenhouse and Peter Stephenson on successfully passing their 1st Dan grading.


September 2017 Grading at Atherstone

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Well done to all those students who did the last grading at Atherstone.Everyone passed and there were some great results, and well done for everyone getting to Atherstone on the day from Kingsbury after the mix-up with the sports hall.

September-2017-Grading-1 September-2017-Grading-2 September-2017-Grading-3

New Assistant Instructor for Birmingham Club

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Well done to Aaran Thornton on passing his Assistant Instructor course.


June 2017 Grading at Birmingham

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Well done to everyone who graded at Birmingham – great performance from all of you.

June-2017-Grading-1 June-2017-Grading-2 June-2017-Grading-3 June-2017-Grading-4

April 2017 Black Belt Grading

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Very well done to Arriana and Joy on successfully passing your 1st Dan’s and to Aaran on getting your 2nd Dan. Excellent job guys!

Black-Belt-1-Apr-17 Black-Belt-3-Apr-17Black-Belt-2-Apr-17