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Hope you are all keeping healthy and safe.

It is important to keep a level of fitness and flexibility while you are not at the club training regularly. Within a couple of weeks of inactivity your fitness levels will start to drop and your flexibility will start to reduce. Therefore I have put a training guide together, shown  below. It is an approx. 30 min session covering the aspects of aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscle strength, flexibility and basic Taekwondo skills. This can be done 2-3 times a week, in conjunction with any fitness training you maybe currently doing (running, walking, cycling, resistance training with weights etc.). I have also listed some links containing some videos of good examples of patterns and set sparring and a website that would allow you to test your theory. If anyone has any queries or questions or wants any help with any aspect of training while we are off, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me either by phone or email. I will try and keep some regular posts going on the website.

For people who currently pay training fee’s via direct debit, I suggest you cancel these for now and re-instate them when we return to normal training. For anyone who has recently paid via direct debit or if anyone forgets to cancel them, don’t worry, I will keep a record of these payments so you can use these for future payments of such things as training fee’s, licences, grading’s, equipment and competitions.

So keep practising, stay healthy and fit and above all stay safe.


Videos of Patterns, 3 and 2 step sparring:

As above, plus videos of line work:

Taekwondo theory quiz:





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Please be aware that from Wednesday 18th March the club will be closed due to the school no longer allowing external lettings due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. There is no date confirmed as yet when we will re-open. Please check back here for regular updates.

Please also note the following:

  • All pre black belt training sessions are cancelled
  • April black belt grading is postponed and will be re-arranged for another date
  • The Welsh competition in May is also cancelled
  • Any colour belt grading’s arranged for later in the year will be re-assessed for suitability based on when we return back to training


In the meantime, make sure you check back here regularly for updates, stay safe and look after yourselves and each other. Try and make some time to stay fit and of course – practice, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.



English competition cancelled

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Please note due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, the English Competition in Coventry this Sunday 15th March has been cancelled.

Midlands Championships 2020

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Well done to everyone who entered the Midlands Championships this year, especially Maddy on her Bronze in sparring and Naadir on his Gold in sparring.

Midlands-2020-1 Midlands-2020-2

Grading at Tamworth December 2019

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Well done to everyone who passed the recent grading at Tamworth.

Grading-December-2019-1 Grading-December-2019-2 Grading-December-2019-3

Black Belt grading October 2019

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Well done to Surjeevan, Vinny, Arnav, Kiri, Amrita and Shabir on passing your 1st Dan grading.


Grading at Kingsbury October 2019

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Well done to everyone who passed the recent grading in Kingsbury – some great results!

Grading-October-2019-1 Grading-October-2019-2 Grading-October-2019-3 Grading-October-2019-4 Grading-October-2019-5 Grading-October-2019-6

Grading at Birmingham July 2019

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Well done to everyone who passed at the recent grading in Birmingham.

Birmingham-grading-July-2019-4 Birmingham-grading-July-2019-2 Birmingham-grading-July-2019-1 Birmingham-grading-Jul-2019-3

European Championships – Croatia May 2019

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Well done to all the people who went to the European Championships in Novigrad Croatia this May – Hubert Deer, Yvonne Gibson, James McLaughlin and Laura Caldicott. I know we all had a good time and thanks for all your help during the championships. The club brought back 6 medals – Laura 1 bronze for patterns and 2 silvers for sparring and Mrs Gibson 2 bronzes for sparring and 1 gold for foot destruction – so another European Champion in the club!Croatia-club


Croatia-1 Croatia-2 Croatia-3 Croatia-4

Black Belt Grading April 2019

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Well done to Hendrin, Mohammed, Omran, Tingyi, Neel and Minnah on your successful 1st Dan grading.

Black-Belt-grading-April-2019-1 Black-Belt-grading-April-2019-2