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To ensure we can kick hard, fast and accurately, we do plenty of stretching to improve our flexibility.


Getting Fit!

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Students doing the bleep test just before Christmas – burning those calories in preparation for having a good time.

Bleep-test-1 Bleep-test-2


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birmingham breaking birmingham-breaking-2 birmingham-breaking-3 birmingham-breaking-4 birmingham-breaking-5 birmingham-breaking-6


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The Birmingham Taekwondo Club has had many students compete in various competitions (both Taekwondo and all styles of Martial Arts) throughout the years and all over the globe, and can boast British, European and World Champions.

Below are some of our recent champions and competitors.

Tae Kwon Do and Taekwondo UK Birmingham and West Midlands.


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Below you will find a selection of Taekwondo training images featuring our pupils and instructors at Birmingham Taekwondo Club. Pupils of all ages and gender attend the club for some hard work and fun in equal measures.

For contact sparring, protective equipment is worn by all pupils for their safety. Non contact training does not require protective equipment.

Tae Kwon Do in Birmingham and West Midlands. Taekwondo UK, Birmingham and West Midlands.